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A Day in the Life of Bruce Campbell

Pulp Muppet

2007 New Years Fireworks

I finally got my first ever real attempt at video editing with adobe premiere.

The First Annual MadCatX Christmas Special

It’s Christmas boys and girls. It’s almost 4pm here. Presents have all been torn open; toys are broken; everyone’s over eaten and on their after dinner walk to the couch. I’m back home already found the comfort and security behind my beloved PC. So I thought I’d begin a tradition this year with the

2006 MadCatX Christmas Special
First off I’d like to share one of my all time favorite Christmas cartoons. I bring you…

The Spirit of Christmas

Wasn’t that just a whole bunch of fun? Of course it was. Now for our second special Christmas cartoon. Everyone’s watched that plain old boring Charlie Brown’s crappy Christmas Tree story a bazillion times. This little number cuts straight to the ending and gives us and ending to really remind us what Christmas is really all about.

Charlie Brown Xmas Alternate Ending

It’s time to take a break for now while I take a nap. The insanity of the season is getting the best of me but I’ll be back tonight for more Holiday Spirit.