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Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 has come out to a pretty slow start but that’s good because I know that this is the last season and I want it to last forever. Most of what’s making it feel so slow is the anticipation of what’s coming next.

I can’t say enough good things about this show but there is one bad thing…
I hate how they give away the whole show in a subliminal blipvert montage right after the opening credits. I sometimes manage to look away but the odd time it sneaks up on me.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (The First Six Episodes)

I don’t ask for much from network television shows but at the same time, I don’t watch that many either. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing from this new take on the Terminator story so maybe that’s why I’m still watching. I’m really hooked.

The story really focuses largely on the consequences of the first movie which I think is perfect. It bypasses all the liquid metal effects of the T-1000 which I thought were extremely far fetched to begin with. It does however take place after T2 so I’m not sure how or if they’re going to incorporate the T-1000.

I always wanted more from the story and less of the Arnold and so far Terminator: SCC has delivered.

The Incredibly Helpful Hulk

So I’m channel surfing on the old satellite this morning and I stop on an episode of the Incredible Hulk. There’s this guy banging on a soda machine because it ate his money. Then here comes Hulk, calm as can be, tears open the soda machine as only Hulk can. The guy who lost his money who should be running away in horror by now grabs his soda from the machine.
“That’s pretty neat”, he says “What kinda soda do ya want?”
He tosses a cold one over to Hulk. The guy promptly puts some more change in the machine to pay for the second pop. They guy shows Hulk how to pull the tab on the can and they stand there and have a soda together.

I just can’t believe that this was the same show that caused me to leave the room when I was a kid because I was horrified of the Hulk.

Here’s a longer version. The soda scene is towards the end.