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Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 has come out to a pretty slow start but that’s good because I know that this is the last season and I want it to last forever. Most of what’s making it feel so slow is the anticipation of what’s coming next.

I can’t say enough good things about this show but there is one bad thing…
I hate how they give away the whole show in a subliminal blipvert montage right after the opening credits. I sometimes manage to look away but the odd time it sneaks up on me.

Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem

I’m still not sure why they used the term Requiem in the title of this movie. I’ve even checked the definition and the wiki and nothing really hits me. Maybe I’m just an idiot tonight.

The Good
I’m a bit of an Aliens fanboy here to mind my bias. The action sequences in this movie are great. The violence and gore also make this movie worth watching. It is very very violent by the way.
This movie brings the Aliens to Earth but unlike the last movie, this isn’t somewhere in the middle of nowhere North Pole. It’s a medium sized town in what looks like Colorado. It reminded me a little of the town that that Rambo: First Blood was set in.

The Bad
The underlying storyline involving the human “cannon fodder” is terribly predictable and pretty much pointless. The obvious attempts at paying tribute to Aliens didn’t help much either.
AVP:R is a very very dark movie, literally. I had to adjust the tint on my TV just to figure out what was going on a lot of the time. Maybe that’s just my ghetto TV telling me it’s time to put it out to pasture.
There was just too many liberties taken towards the Aliens and the the way the creatures worked. Granted there’s no easy way to slap a queen alien into this movie, changing the whole way these creatures reproduce is going a little far. (Aliens fanboy ranting here)

The Verdict
If you’re a fan of either Aliens or Predator then watch this one. Specially if you’re a fan of Predator cause those guys were awesome in this. Other than that, you can probably skip this one.


The Good:
Great giant monster movie. A little silly how invulnerable the giant monster was but that’s giant monsters for ya.

The Bad:
If I watch it again, I’m fast-forwarding through the obligatory sequence where they try to make you care about the characters cause all it did for me was make me think every one of them was a douche bag in one form or another.

I haven’t looked at the rest of the DVD but I’d say rent this one.

The Mist

The MistI love stories where all shit is breaking loose everywhere and everyone’s dieing yet the real monsters are the few savage humans left alive who fuck up what ever bit of civilization is left. Combine that with Half-Life (minus Gordon) and you’ve got The Mist in a nutshell without spoilers.

Besides I’m a sucker for Stephen King stories. It runs in the family, I think.

I want more Life f**ker!

The best cereal ever meets the best movie ever!

I Am Legend

I Am The Last Omega Man On Earth

Another remake. This time, a remake of a remake an adaptation of a novel. Anyway…
“I Am Legend” with will smith is more like the original “The Last Man On Earth” with Vincent Price but with some of the religious undertones of “The Omega Man” with Charlton Heston.

When I was a kid, I used fantasize about how cool it’d be to be the only person left alive on the planet. The theme’s been used a number of times on TV shows in the 80s though I can’t recall which ones. It was always something to do with the hydrogen bomb. You get to drive whatever you want and do whatever you want and eat whatever you want. It’s pretty awesome really.

Poor old Will Smith’s problem as with all version of Legend is all the damn zombies. Zombies are pretty cool too though. These zombies were more like the ones from 28 Days/Weeks later. Really fast and noisy and crazy. The great part of Legend is that our survivor in question didn’t seem to be having that much of a hard time with being all by himself either. I couldn’t handle this movie if all he did was cry about being so lonely and so all alone for two hours. Besides, he had a K9 companion to talk to, and mannequins! I find mannequins to be more creepy than zombies but that’s just me.

Verdict: A Rent

Update: My wife insists that the crazies in the film are not zombies. I disagree. What do you think?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (The First Six Episodes)

I don’t ask for much from network television shows but at the same time, I don’t watch that many either. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing from this new take on the Terminator story so maybe that’s why I’m still watching. I’m really hooked.

The story really focuses largely on the consequences of the first movie which I think is perfect. It bypasses all the liquid metal effects of the T-1000 which I thought were extremely far fetched to begin with. It does however take place after T2 so I’m not sure how or if they’re going to incorporate the T-1000.

I always wanted more from the story and less of the Arnold and so far Terminator: SCC has delivered.

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