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A brief look back at the Critical Mass days

I’ve always had the belief that pictures get better with age. This move to flickr has me looking at a lot of great old photos from my days riding with Critical Mass. I haven’t really looked at in awhile. There’s some great memories here.
008 Crossing the Highlevel Bridge at sunset
Twenty-Four Degrees
Kittens in a bicycle helmet.
More to come on my flickr page.

The Great Exodus to Flickr

I upgrade my Flickr to Flickr Pro today and I’ve decided to move all my photos and artwork over to Flickr from my previous image gallery backbone which has been Gallery.

After attempting to upgrade my Gallery with no success and getting repetitively spammed in the comments section of the Gallery, I’ve decided to just ditch the whole thing. I’m also pretty certain based on what I have on Flickr already that more people will see my art and photos on Flickr.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be a long and tedious project but I’m in need of a project like this to kill some time.

A Taste of Spring

One of the best things about living on this acreage is the short period of time it takes to make an idea into reality. While feeding the horse this morning, my wife looked at an old oil drum full of junk and decided we should burn it. Ten minutes later I had the drum rolled over closer to the house and the drum’s contents were ablaze. We’ve never had a fire like this before but by the end, most of the old patio railing was torn down and burned away; a much needed head start on rebuilding the patio this spring.

Joey basked in the sun all day and lounged around the fire. My wife and I did a lot of the same.

The temperature today was well above zero; possibly in the double digits. The snow is almost gone from the yard and the snowman is a foot shorter.

It’s going to be a long summer.

Joey sleeping on the grass

Joey passed out on the grass.

Snow Man's On Fire!!


Back when BCPlace was brand new, a show called Switchback on CBC ran the footage of them inflating the dome in reverse and joked that it was deflating. Now the damn thing finally did really deflate.

Come Play With Us Kitty… forever and ever and ever.

Our LittleGirl has a certain obsession with her daily walk down the hallway outside of the apartment. She’ll come barreling out the door as I walk in after work. The other cat’s don’t care nearly as much as LitleGirl does except for when the neighbor’s cat happens to be wandering out there too.