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One more entry for Phlux

I’m back from the gathering at the Metro Billiards. Skipped sleeping this evening to attend which meant for lots of coffee.

I felt I had to go just to drive home the fact that he’s really gone. IRC is was just too disconnecting to really grasp what happened. I’m glad I went.

It was good to see all the people who showed. I wasn’t expecting so many. It’s funny how it takes a death to bring people together. My extended family is the same way.

Keep an eye and ear open for tributes and such at 2600 and k-l1ne magazine.

Here’s to you Phlux.

Clint “Phlux” Haller. Gone But Not Forgotten.

RIP PHLUXClint “Phlux” Haller died Saturday night. I only got news of his death a couple hours ago (at the time of writing this entry). Details are sketchy. Not even an obituary can be found yet. Hell, it’s not even 100% confirmed that he’s actually dead but somehow I just know. I don’t like the feeling that I’m not surprised that he’s dead either. The Phlux I knew lived a very unbalanced existence.

The kinder side was that of an idea guy. He was never short of an idea to bounce off someone, including myself. He dreamed of a career in fashion with a very hard edge. Don’t get the wrong idea from his suicidehackers.com domain. It was conceived to the best of my understanding as a hacker fashion site in the spirit of the suicide girls which too has nothing to do with suicide. I’ll miss his ideas even if they never had the chance to become anything more.

He had his demons to contend with. The more I hear about his death, the more prevalent they’ve become. It’s pointless to try and cling to some kind of simplistic reason for him taking his own life. It’s all very strange but at the same time it’s life.

A few of us at Hackcanada are going to get together Tuesday night to figure this all out. There are a lot of unanswered questions. There always are with something like thing. I don’t think anyone will ever really understand the whole story but it’ll be nice to attempt to fill in a few of the blanks and share a few memories too, I hope. Tuesday night at 6pm, Metro Billiards – 10250 106 St.