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Playground Horror and Friends

Contrary to my post on Playground Love, this little entry shows some of the scariest images to ever be taken in a Playground.
I give you Nightmare Playgrounds

Playground Love

Retro Junk Playgrounds
This is a great read is you’ve ever played on a playground as a child. It got me thinking back to those giant play structures built entirely out of old tires bolted together. I remember one specifically in Fort Saskatchewan. There’s also the wooden wall made up of pillars that I fell off of and broke my nose. I got stitches in my forehead from riding down a metal slide in a big old oil drum too. Oh the memories.

The Incredibly Helpful Hulk

So I’m channel surfing on the old satellite this morning and I stop on an episode of the Incredible Hulk. There’s this guy banging on a soda machine because it ate his money. Then here comes Hulk, calm as can be, tears open the soda machine as only Hulk can. The guy who lost his money who should be running away in horror by now grabs his soda from the machine.
“That’s pretty neat”, he says “What kinda soda do ya want?”
He tosses a cold one over to Hulk. The guy promptly puts some more change in the machine to pay for the second pop. They guy shows Hulk how to pull the tab on the can and they stand there and have a soda together.

I just can’t believe that this was the same show that caused me to leave the room when I was a kid because I was horrified of the Hulk.

Here’s a longer version. The soda scene is towards the end.

Pulp Muppet

Pig Pig Pig Piggy Piggy Pig Pig

MadCatX’s Pig Personality Test