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Ten Best and Worst of Everything MadCatX in 2007


1. Got Married. This includes the ceremony and the reception and everything in between that all went off without a hitch.
2. The fact that the wedding was in Las Vegas on top of the Stratosphere.
3. Finally moved out of Edmonton to a beautiful acreage on the west side of Stony Plain.
4. Blade Runner 5 disc ultimate edition box set is on my DVD shelf.
5. Brought home a little black lab puppy from the SPCA. Her name is Joey.
6. Got my hands on a Nintendo Wii right before the Christmas crunch. I gave it to my wife for her birthday but she lets me use it sometimes.
7. Got a very cool Cheshire Cat tattoo.
8. My wife’s horse, Regal, is living with us on the acreage instead of boarding 100kms away. When the wife’s at work and the cats are sleeping and dog is insane, you can always hang around with Regal. He’ll even follow you around the pasture.
9. After 2 long years of constantly fighting in the old apartment downtown, my cats have finally called a truce since moving to the acreage. They actually tolerate being in the same room together now. Getting along with the dog is another story.
10. The driveway aka The Sidewinder. They warned us early on that we’d need a 4×4 truck just to get up our driveway in the winter. Thankfully that was an exaggeration. With a bit of wood ash and a sidewalk ice scraper type thing the road’s just fine for the little old Sunfire. It’s actually pretty fun to drive up cause you have to take a run at it. The ruts keep you from going flying into the trees at 40-50kph.


1. Grandma, the last of my grandparents died.
2. Pet bunny died a couple days before Christmas.
3. Costs me $200 a month in gas to drive 40 minutes each way to work where it cost me nothing to bike 20 minutes to work before.
4. Still haven’t found a decent internet provider since moving out of town but we’re working on that.
5. Telus! After 8 or 9 long phone calls to Telus call centers, we’re left with no telephone and a phone company who thinks me live on the moon and wants $500 to themselves wrong. Thank Jebus for cell phones. This should almost be on the BEST list since I’m thankfully still not a Telus customer.
6. Sold my mountain bike last spring and haven’t bought a new one yet.
7. Moved out of Shaw Cable’s service area.
8. Adopted a beautiful Shepperd Colly Dog from the SPCA but had to return him because he would not stop trying to attack the cats and bunny. I’m fairly certain he was adopted again right away as someone in the waiting room at the SPCA looked pretty serious about taking him home.
9. Labor Market. Not since working as a security guard in college have I had the displeasure of working with so many unreliable, unqualified, not present, genuinely idiotic office staff. I know it’s because of the labor shortage. The turnover rate has been insane.
10. Rent. Thankfully we got out of Edmonton before we got screwed.

The first highway ride of the season

I decided to celebrate Earth Day on Sunday by taking the bike out on the highway for the first time this spring. The weather was overcast and still pretty chilly but there was no rain in site so I decided to go for it. I had to meet my parents in Ponoka which is almost exactly 105kms south of Edmonton. Unfortunately, I had to be there by noon.
I left Edmonton at 630am and fought the insanely timed Sunday morning traffic lights until I was out of the city.
Everything was ok until I past Leduc where I noticed there was more and more snow around. The wind was stronger and colder too. I actually had to stop once or twice to get the blood moving back in my feet. The monotony of highway 2 is the hardest part. I’ve ridden the highway many times and it never really gets very interesting visually. There’s hawks and car wreck debris here and there but that’s about it. The rest is little more than five and a half hours of sensory deprivation.

Look Mom No Brakes!

So I’m out running errands this afternoon, taking it easy after yesterday long ride out of town. I’m just leaving the bridge path and heading into busy traffic. I clutched my brake for whatever reason and there was no brakes to be found other than a gentle rubbing against the rim. (BTW, I haven’t had rear brakes installed for a couple years now. They’re usually not very useful.) Anyway, I managed to coast to a halt without destroying my shoes or slamming into anything or anyone.

The real lesson to this short little tale is to make sure when using replaceable brake pads, to make sure the pins are securely in place.

I’ve found myself without brakes a few times over the years for one stupid reason or another. My usual reaction is to either make a hard right turn at the first available instance which slowed me significantly or perform a Flintstones style foot grinding stop which is really bad for the shoes and cleats. I was one told by a passing motorist that he could see sparks coming off my cleats during one such stop.

Found out tonight that a friend has cancer.

If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them. When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or fight like hell. ~Lance Armstrong