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Nashbar Daytrekker Panniers Product Review

Installation of the Panniers on my bicycle too about 5 minutes. It’s a one piece deal and it didn’t fit great but I’ll blame my smaller than normal rack on that.
I loaded the left pannier with a 4L jug of motor oil just to see if it fit and it fit perfectly. That’s about the maximum size of container that will fit in there though.
Nashbar Panier Photo Review 1
The 4L jug of motor oil. It’s for my chainsaw, if you’re wondering. Fits snug inside the panniers.
Nashbar Panier Photo Review 2
A pic of the bag wide open. Not a lot of space but it suits its purpose.
I can fit my portable bike pump nicely.
Nashbar Panier Photo Review 3
The Panniers look great on my bike. I really appreciate lower profile but practical bicycle gear like this. I don’t need to look like I’m about to ride coast to coast when I’m just going to the store. Dont’ expect to pick up a lot of groceries but it’ll fit milk and a medium size box of cereal nicely or motoroil!
There’s two long straps on the top to tie down any larger items as well.
Nashbar Panier Photo Review 4
There’s two long straps on the top to tie down any larger items as well.
For the $20 plus $5 shipping I paid, these things are a steal.
Nashbar Product Link
It looks like the black ones are sold out. There’s yellow ones left in stock if you’re into the big safety thing. The black ones do have that reflective silver strap along the side.

Short Review of the Patriot 16gb Xporter Thumb Drive

Asus EEE PC 4G Surfer Review

The Trouble with Traditional Laptops:
Modern consumer laptops are just too damn big to actually be realistically portable. Secondly, they’re just too expensive to take anywhere without feeling like you’re babysitting it all the time.

Why did I buy an EEE PC instead of a traditional laptop?

The Good

Size matters. Only having to carry around 2 lbs of laptop is a huge selling point. Not to mention that it’s only 125cm wide 90cm long and 15cm thick. It’s just tiny. The trade off is that the screen is even smaller and the keyboard takes some getting used to as well. The 900 model has a slightly larger screen but the jump in price wasn’t worth it. The other nice thing about size is that I can use it in public without everyone gawking at me and my screen. Even at work people will give me that “OMFG U got A Laptopzor! Dya got any games!?”. Nobody will even notice the EEE PC. I can even comfortably turn it on it’s side and read it like a book.

The price. The performance of the EEE PC benchmarks about about half of what a normal consumer grade $1000 laptop can do. The 4G surfer model retails at around $350. The other advantage is that if disintegrates or simply walks away I’m not out a grand or more.

There’s no hard drive. Hard drives are mechanical spinning discs that don’t appreciate being shaken or knocked around. Logic dictates it might be a bad idea to carry such a hard drive around in a laptop. The EEE PC uses static memory like that of an SD card in a digital camera. There isn’t a lot of memory but it won’t crash on you if you slip on the ice while carrying it. Secondly, going back to the disintegration slash walk away factor, if the EEE PC does do this, you won’t be out half a terabyte of your most precious data. I picked up a 16GB usb drive for portable storage I use my desktop at home for primary storage.

I also bought it to plug my gps into but I haven’t gotten that far with it yet. I only bought it a couple days ago. Apparently it works quite well and fits nicely on the dash of my car. I expect it’ll make an excellent mp3 player for the car too. It plays movies well but I still think drivers who watch movies while driving are suicidal.

The Bad

The one thing I don’t trust about reviews by consumers for consumers is that nobody wants to admit that they paid too much money for a piece of crap because that’s just admitting to their own stupidity. As a result, you get all these rave reviews for crap. So to counter that, I’ll should point out the negatives I found about the EEE PC thus far.

The screen resolution is pretty hard to deal with. It’s native resolution is 800×480 but I keep mine at 800×600 and just accept a tiny bit of distortion.

The touch pad is ok but the button attached is really hard to press. It’s just one button where you press the right side for the right mouse button and the left side for the left button. I generally just tap the touch pad for a left click but I’m still stuck using this really stiff button for the right. Before long, I just grabbed a USB mouse and used that instead. I personally miss those eraserheads from old think pads but I’m probably in a minority there.

I realize that Linux Ubuntu helped keep the price low and it’s great and wonderful to use linux like it’s a free range chicken but I’m fairly new to linux myself. I’m not very eager to try and navigate a whole new operating system via this little machine. I confess that I threw Windows XP on it nearly right away. You can buy a slightly more expensive model with windows preinstalled. I recommend that route for novice users. Installing windows via a USB thumb drive is tricky.

The Summary

So in summary, I love this little machine and most of the negatives can be worked around with some tweaking. Even the small screen can be worked around by just plugging it into a normal PC screen. For the price, what do you have to lose? If you don’t like it, give it away as a gift or just return it.