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Jester’s Mouse

My cats aren’t mousers. I didn’t get them with the intention of having them around to catch mice. However, since I moved out of town to the acreage with my wife, each of my cats has caught one mouse each.

Yesterday, Jester, the fluffy silly cat of the three caught his mouse.

He nabbed it in the walk in closet in the bedroom while his little sister looked on in pure hateful envy. The mouse lay limp in Jesters jaws so we led Jester to the door to take the mouse outside. Normally, Jester would be meowing his little lungs out at such excitement. He was looking pretty stressed because he couldn’t meow with this mouse in his mouth. I sometimes wish he’d keep a mouse in his mouth more often.

Jester carried the mouse outside. Joey our dog bounced around making sure Jester didn’t take off into the woods or something. Jester put the limp mouse down for a moment to grasp the situation.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the mouse rose from the dead and darted under the house while Jester was looking away. The only way I can describe the look on Jester’s face when he realized his prize mouse had vanished is a look of pure “Srsly… WTF!”.

It was priceless.

i is not a ‘mallow

i is not a ‘mallow

Come Play With Us Kitty… forever and ever and ever.

Our LittleGirl has a certain obsession with her daily walk down the hallway outside of the apartment. She’ll come barreling out the door as I walk in after work. The other cat’s don’t care nearly as much as LitleGirl does except for when the neighbor’s cat happens to be wandering out there too.