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Blogger Import Fail:(

Into my third day of rebuilding my new blog and importing my old blog I’ve run into an annoying snag. The blogger import too failed. It imported the categories and the heading of my old blog but none of the content. As a result, I’m moving all the content over by hand. It sucks. I was warned that the import wasn’t tested in WordPress 3.1.3 but I tried anyway.

Don’t ever try people. It isn’t worth the trouble.

Another Crack At It

I’ve been itching to start blogging again. A major career change drew me away from blogging but the career change has bought me a lot more free time too. The major changes in the blogger.com website made me quit blogging too. Google, you failed me on that one. I’m a little too active on facebook but I’m getting a little sick of that particular network.

Enough complaining. I’m back and I’m using wordpress. Hopefully, I don’t have to build yet another incarnation of this website anytime soon. I’ll be moving as much old content as I can to this new platform this summer. I’ve got a baby coming this fall so yea. We’ll see how that goes.


I wrote this really long painful blog post awhile back about the night my wife lost the horse she had for 13 years. I haven’t published it and didn’t even finish writing it for that matter. It was just a kind of catharsis where I just needed to write to cope with the situation.

A strange thing resulted from it though. It made me stop blogging. It’s like I was avoiding it because I didn’t want to be tempted to try and finish that post.

Anyway, this is my attempt at convincing myself that I don’t have to finish writing that post and that my blog can go on without it.

Back in the Saddle

Oh look, he’s blogging more than every six months!

This year I’ve resolved to start blogging again. It’s largely the result of my 45 minute drive to work and the 60 minute drive back home to the acreage. I get a lot of thinking done during this time. A lot of ideas come and go from my mind and many of them I’d like to keep.

Holy Exploit Jesus

The free contact form generator I used on my contact page from telepro.co.uk created a minor crisis when some lunatic found a way to use the script to send twenty-thousand spam messages via that very script and this server. Crazy bastards.
So anyway, most people who visit this site already know how to reach me on irc.
IRC Server: Undernet
Channel: #edmonton
I’ve said it dozens of times. Email is evil, second only to the telephone.
*Shakes head*