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I wrote this really long painful blog post awhile back about the night my wife lost the horse she had for 13 years. I haven’t published it and didn’t even finish writing it for that matter. It was just a kind of catharsis where I just needed to write to cope with the situation.

A strange thing resulted from it though. It made me stop blogging. It’s like I was avoiding it because I didn’t want to be tempted to try and finish that post.

Anyway, this is my attempt at convincing myself that I don’t have to finish writing that post and that my blog can go on without it.

A Taste of Spring

One of the best things about living on this acreage is the short period of time it takes to make an idea into reality. While feeding the horse this morning, my wife looked at an old oil drum full of junk and decided we should burn it. Ten minutes later I had the drum rolled over closer to the house and the drum’s contents were ablaze. We’ve never had a fire like this before but by the end, most of the old patio railing was torn down and burned away; a much needed head start on rebuilding the patio this spring.

Joey basked in the sun all day and lounged around the fire. My wife and I did a lot of the same.

The temperature today was well above zero; possibly in the double digits. The snow is almost gone from the yard and the snowman is a foot shorter.

It’s going to be a long summer.

Joey sleeping on the grass

Joey passed out on the grass.

Snow Man's On Fire!!

The Coyote

My wife first alerted me to a Coyote she spotted out on the pasture. They’re very impressive looking this time of year with their this gray coats like small wolves. This particular lone coyote was quickly making his way past Regal, our huge black thoroughbred. Regal made his presence and might quite obvious to the coyote, frolicking and darting around. Smart enough to know the consequences of confronting such a horse, the coyote crossed the fence line and disappeared into the woods.

People seem to always associate spotting a coyote with shooting a coyote. Personally I gauge their threat level of a coyote to be quite a bit lower than a porcupine or even a skunk. Even my dear wife would shoot me before I ever got a round off at any animal. She has a gift for handling animals and that just goes with the territory. I could only ever shoot an animal with my camera anyway.

My biggest worry above and beyond any wildlife on the property is the traffic on the road at the edge of the property. Joey, our 6 month old lab is pretty new to the concept traffic and she’s recently found out about the road and where it is.

Yesterday, I parked the car on the edge of the property as the recent snow made the driveway much too slippery to drive all the way to the house. Of course that means hiking all the way down the 200 yard stretch in the dark to get to the car again to go to work.

Last night on my hike to the car, I noticed dog tracks. At first I was infuriated to find out that damn dog was wandering down to the road by herself. I got to the car and realized the tracks were fresh and there wasn’t any leading back to the house. Joey was sound asleep in bed when I left anyway. The tracks led to the car and then they disappeared into the darkness of the woods.

It occurred to me that I was probably tracking the same coyote that I had seen earlier. This time, I’m a little relieved that the animal wasn’t waiting there at the car for me. I’m sure we’d have scared the crap out of each other.

Ten Best and Worst of Everything MadCatX in 2007


1. Got Married. This includes the ceremony and the reception and everything in between that all went off without a hitch.
2. The fact that the wedding was in Las Vegas on top of the Stratosphere.
3. Finally moved out of Edmonton to a beautiful acreage on the west side of Stony Plain.
4. Blade Runner 5 disc ultimate edition box set is on my DVD shelf.
5. Brought home a little black lab puppy from the SPCA. Her name is Joey.
6. Got my hands on a Nintendo Wii right before the Christmas crunch. I gave it to my wife for her birthday but she lets me use it sometimes.
7. Got a very cool Cheshire Cat tattoo.
8. My wife’s horse, Regal, is living with us on the acreage instead of boarding 100kms away. When the wife’s at work and the cats are sleeping and dog is insane, you can always hang around with Regal. He’ll even follow you around the pasture.
9. After 2 long years of constantly fighting in the old apartment downtown, my cats have finally called a truce since moving to the acreage. They actually tolerate being in the same room together now. Getting along with the dog is another story.
10. The driveway aka The Sidewinder. They warned us early on that we’d need a 4×4 truck just to get up our driveway in the winter. Thankfully that was an exaggeration. With a bit of wood ash and a sidewalk ice scraper type thing the road’s just fine for the little old Sunfire. It’s actually pretty fun to drive up cause you have to take a run at it. The ruts keep you from going flying into the trees at 40-50kph.


1. Grandma, the last of my grandparents died.
2. Pet bunny died a couple days before Christmas.
3. Costs me $200 a month in gas to drive 40 minutes each way to work where it cost me nothing to bike 20 minutes to work before.
4. Still haven’t found a decent internet provider since moving out of town but we’re working on that.
5. Telus! After 8 or 9 long phone calls to Telus call centers, we’re left with no telephone and a phone company who thinks me live on the moon and wants $500 to themselves wrong. Thank Jebus for cell phones. This should almost be on the BEST list since I’m thankfully still not a Telus customer.
6. Sold my mountain bike last spring and haven’t bought a new one yet.
7. Moved out of Shaw Cable’s service area.
8. Adopted a beautiful Shepperd Colly Dog from the SPCA but had to return him because he would not stop trying to attack the cats and bunny. I’m fairly certain he was adopted again right away as someone in the waiting room at the SPCA looked pretty serious about taking him home.
9. Labor Market. Not since working as a security guard in college have I had the displeasure of working with so many unreliable, unqualified, not present, genuinely idiotic office staff. I know it’s because of the labor shortage. The turnover rate has been insane.
10. Rent. Thankfully we got out of Edmonton before we got screwed.