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Rambo 4

I don’t think it’s called Rambo 4. I thought it was called John Rambo but the DVD just says Rambo on the cover. Either way, this movie is really good for what it is.

Looking back on the series, First Blood was an amazing movie. It was one of those rare action movies where you really cared about the main character. At least I did. He’s a deadly combination of military conditioning, intense torture, and a whole lot of post traumatic stress. The result is one hell of a killing machine whether he wants to be or not. What makes Rambo interesting is that he’d rather just be left alone.

Rambo 2 and 3 were pretty exploitative but at the same time the writers made that perfectly clear in the storyline. I always found Rambo 3 to be interesting in light of the current war in Afghanistan. Was Rambo teamed up with the Taliban to fight off those Russians?

Rambo 4 is by far the most violent. It’s 2008 though. Movies in the action and horror genre are exponentially more violent than they ever used to be. There’s no hiding anything anymore when it comes to violence other than sexual violence of course.

Without giving the story away which is again what I loath about movie reviews, Rambo 4 is better than 2 and 3 but still doesn’t top the original First Blood. I enjoy watching all of them from time to time which is unusual for me since I generally skip over action movies. I think I’m going to go watch Rambo 4 again right now.