With Regards To Facebook and Privacy

I leave all that privacy panic to the caveat-emptor rather than the narcissistic belief that Facebook is going to take your status updates and compile them into the Great American Novel destined to sell millions of copies with not a penny to your own pocket for it
I don’t believe I’ve ever written anything on Facebook that I wouldn’t scribble on a bathroom wall given the opportunity.
Even writings on the bathroom wall are property of the owner of the bathroom.


I wrote this really long painful blog post awhile back about the night my wife lost the horse she had for 13 years. I haven’t published it and didn’t even finish writing it for that matter. It was just a kind of catharsis where I just needed to write to cope with the situation.

A strange thing resulted from it though. It made me stop blogging. It’s like I was avoiding it because I didn’t want to be tempted to try and finish that post.

Anyway, this is my attempt at convincing myself that I don’t have to finish writing that post and that my blog can go on without it.


My wife and I were driving along a long straight back road through various farm fields on the way to the polling station to vote today. It was much further than we’d expected. We’d never been that way before. It was all farms of various kinds. In certain directions time actually stood still. There really was no way to tell if it was 2008 or 1978. It was just farm fields. I started wondering if just maybe we’d get to the voting booth and finding Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s name on the ballot.

Summer’s Winding Down

I figured I’d post a plain old blog post for the day to day tag just because it’s been awhile.

It’s September already. I’ll be 33 in seven days or something. I’m not as bothered about getting older this year as I have been in past years. Life is good.

My wife and I have settled into married life but we’re still as silly around each other as we ever were. It’s not the cold boring married life that people expect.

We’ve got our horse boarding business up and running. We’re expecting 10 horses on the acreage by the fall with a constant flow of emails from people wanting to bring their horses. We’ve drawn the line at 10 horses this year including a young stud and a colt. We have two of our own horses as well.

Regal is Lynn’s thoroughbred. He’s come down with a bout of “cushings” and lost a lot of weight but he’s getting better.

Raine’s our newest quarter horse. She’s settled in well though she’s the only female on the pasture right now so I think she’s really milking the attention. Lynn’s been working on breaking her all summer. It’s been a longish process since we’re both working and setting up the horse boarding business.

However, I did manager to sit in the saddle yesterday without Raine throwing me off. She just looked back and saw it was me up there and went back to her oats. I figured that surely I’d get tossed off when the oats ran out like where were sand in an hour glass but I survived that too even though she did get little restless. Raine’s got a long way to go before we’re riding along the train tracks but she’s getting there.

Spider-Man Presents: Gwen Stacy or a Hostess Fruit Pie?

Review: Batman Begins

I started avoiding the new wave of super hero movies (mainly the marvel onces) since Spider-Man 3. I don’t have time for such perpetual disappointment. That’s not to say I won’t watch anything based on a comic but I do avoid most of them.

Normally, I’d avoid Batman movies as well since they too have all the makings of a bad super hero movie: a huge budget, several big name actors, merchandising out the ears, a ton of promotion, limitless cg based special effects, and or course it’s a summer blockbuster. All of these things make me want stay home.

Batman is different from the others somehow. For starters, I’m a huge fan of Christian Bale since American Psycho. His portrayal was very refreshing since the last few Bat movies which have ranked from bad to utterly horrible.

Watching the Dark Knight gave me the impression that the story had been lifted directly from an issue of Detective Comics. In that sense the movie really kicked ass above and beyond any of the other Batman movies. (I still think the 1989 Batman movie was the best overall.) Heath Ledger’s take on the Joker was superb and refreshing as well. They dared to be different and it worked while still maintaining the spirit of the comics.

In short this movie was great. I’d really like to have a look at it in IMAX. I’m less than optimistic about the next movie though. It seems they’re falling to that old trap where they’re picking their villains before they even write the script.

Not every day you see a hit and run as it happened

Since I don’t feel like writing essentially the same thing twice. This is the police statement I wrote it for the local RCMP.

At approximately 4:09 PM on Sunday, July 13, 2008 I witnessed a Ford Focus, Blue, license plate KAC 396 pass me in the left lane at a very high speed heading west on Highway 16A just east of the over pass that crosses the train tracks east of Spruce Grove. I was still in the 100 zone when the vehicle passed me. (Notice how I made it crystal clear that I was NOT speeding in the construction zone because that would be wrong.) I would say he was going about 130kph in the left lane. The vehicle entered the construction zone in the left lane which is blocked off at the train crossing without slowing down. He braked hard and slammed into the barricades in the left lane at the bridge. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. I approached the vehicle as cars were slowing down in the construction zone. The driver got out of the car and checked the damage on his vehicle. He appeared to be the only occupant of the vehicle. He put a couple of the barricades back up and drove off still ahead of me. I followed him into Spruce Grove to see if he’s stop at the RCMP detachment but he went on past it. I stopped at the RCMP detachment and advised dispatch.
Hit and Run
Hit and Run

Nashbar Daytrekker Panniers Product Review

Installation of the Panniers on my bicycle too about 5 minutes. It’s a one piece deal and it didn’t fit great but I’ll blame my smaller than normal rack on that.
I loaded the left pannier with a 4L jug of motor oil just to see if it fit and it fit perfectly. That’s about the maximum size of container that will fit in there though.
Nashbar Panier Photo Review 1
The 4L jug of motor oil. It’s for my chainsaw, if you’re wondering. Fits snug inside the panniers.
Nashbar Panier Photo Review 2
A pic of the bag wide open. Not a lot of space but it suits its purpose.
I can fit my portable bike pump nicely.
Nashbar Panier Photo Review 3
The Panniers look great on my bike. I really appreciate lower profile but practical bicycle gear like this. I don’t need to look like I’m about to ride coast to coast when I’m just going to the store. Dont’ expect to pick up a lot of groceries but it’ll fit milk and a medium size box of cereal nicely or motoroil!
There’s two long straps on the top to tie down any larger items as well.
Nashbar Panier Photo Review 4
There’s two long straps on the top to tie down any larger items as well.
For the $20 plus $5 shipping I paid, these things are a steal.
Nashbar Product Link
It looks like the black ones are sold out. There’s yellow ones left in stock if you’re into the big safety thing. The black ones do have that reflective silver strap along the side.

Jester’s Mouse

My cats aren’t mousers. I didn’t get them with the intention of having them around to catch mice. However, since I moved out of town to the acreage with my wife, each of my cats has caught one mouse each.

Yesterday, Jester, the fluffy silly cat of the three caught his mouse.

He nabbed it in the walk in closet in the bedroom while his little sister looked on in pure hateful envy. The mouse lay limp in Jesters jaws so we led Jester to the door to take the mouse outside. Normally, Jester would be meowing his little lungs out at such excitement. He was looking pretty stressed because he couldn’t meow with this mouse in his mouth. I sometimes wish he’d keep a mouse in his mouth more often.

Jester carried the mouse outside. Joey our dog bounced around making sure Jester didn’t take off into the woods or something. Jester put the limp mouse down for a moment to grasp the situation.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the mouse rose from the dead and darted under the house while Jester was looking away. The only way I can describe the look on Jester’s face when he realized his prize mouse had vanished is a look of pure “Srsly… WTF!”.

It was priceless.

Short Review of the Patriot 16gb Xporter Thumb Drive