Are You Threatening Me?

[11:07] <Xercxes22> http://laptops.*******.com/?r=32047616 TEST A LAPTOP FOR

[11:08] <MaddyX> hey fuckface

[11:08] <Xercxes22> http://laptops.*******.com/?r=32047616 TEST A LAPTOP FOR

[11:08] <Xercxes22> :P

[11:08] <MaddyX> how’s the lazy eye?

[11:08] <Xercxes22> http://laptops.*******.com/?r=32047616 TEST A LAPTOP FOR

[11:08] <Xercxes22> :P

[11:08] <MaddyX> is that you mikey?

[11:08] <Xercxes22> lol yea

[11:08] <MaddyX> i’ve got a pic of you getting arrested

[11:08] <Xercxes22> lol

[11:08] <MaddyX> it’s priceless

[11:09] <Xercxes22> i’ve told em about you man

[11:10] <MaddyX> i made you famous in my channel so there’s no point is selling your
scam there

[11:10] <MaddyX>

[11:10] <Xercxes22> lol im a damn ugly fuck

[11:10] <Xercxes22> lucky i aint mickey hehe

[11:10] <MaddyX> you must know him

[11:11] <MaddyX> send me a pic and i’ll add you to the hall of fame

[11:11] <Xercxes22> lol no, actually the thing im spamming works, my 2 friends
received one, so i said what the heck, spamming irc is fun

[11:12] <Xercxes22> just go see the link and judge for urself

[11:12] <MaddyX> poor compensation for never kissing a girl but whatever suits you

[11:12] <Xercxes22> lol

[11:12] <MaddyX> why is it the creeps are so fucking ugly eh?

[11:13] <MaddyX> it’s like this is some kind of revenge against society

[11:13] <Xercxes22> actually, think about it, if i can get 5 laptops a week, 1500$ each.. resell… and i do that when i really got nothing to do, like today, pouring out there, my wife works… and im on call duty so..

[11:13] <Xercxes22> nah dude, im a cop myself

[11:13] <Xercxes22> so dont worry i checked the legality of all this

[11:13] <MaddyX> no shock there

[11:14] <MaddyX> the last guy was on probation and had a warrant so the cops gladly
picked his loser up when we tracked where he was

[11:14] <Xercxes22> but i heard about your dude.. mikey

[11:14] <Xercxes22> he was actually frauding people

[11:14] <MaddyX> i know

[11:14] <Xercxes22> big difference

[11:15] <MaddyX> can’t you just stick to ebay?

[11:15] <MaddyX> banning you idiots is such a pain

[11:15] <Xercxes22> im not selling stuff myself, the way i can get the laptop is to
get other people to get one also

[11:15] <Xercxes22> ur from edmonton?

[11:16] <Xercxes22> nice place, although calgary is better, near banff..

[11:16] <Xercxes22> been there..

[11:16] <MaddyX> i don’t care if it’s legal or not… i’m not concerned with law

[11:16] <MaddyX> i’m in edmonton and #edmonton is my channel

[11:17] <Xercxes22> good for you, so how were the riots in the stanley cup series?

[11:17] <MaddyX> i make a sport of getting rid of you idiots

::Start /Whois Xercxes22

::Nick-Name > Xercxes22

::Real-Name > -

::Address: Xercxes22@

::Clones: Xercxes22 Total: (1)

::Server > *

[11:17] [:. Xercxes22 is Xercxes22@

[11:17] [:. Xercxes22 is «-»

[11:17] [:. Xercxes22 on * «The Undernet Underworld»

[11:17] <Xercxes22> you guys looked pretty dumb to the rest of canada

[11:17] <Xercxes22> heck, we only do this kind of shit when we actually win the cup

[11:17] <MaddyX> i like to just track you around the network like i did with mikey

[11:18] <MaddyX> he didn’t like it either

[11:18] <Xercxes22> and what will you do lol? go ahead have fun, cuz this is the
first time i log in irc in… 1 year, except for job, like tracking pedophile

[11:18] <MaddyX> sucks trying to spam when people are going into all the channels
you enter and tell them you’re a liar and a fucking crook

[11:18] <Xercxes22> are you one maddy?

[11:18] <MaddyX> whether it’s true or not is irrelevant

[11:18] <Xercxes22> seriously, you need a hobbie buddy

[11:19] <MaddyX> you’re one to talk

[11:19] <MaddyX> fucking bm

[11:19] <MaddyX> bum

[11:19] <Xercxes22> get a girl, i sense a lot of sexual frustration in your writing

[11:19] <MaddyX> hahaha

[11:19] <Xercxes22> anywayz, gotta go

[11:19] <MaddyX> keep trying

[11:19] <MaddyX> stay the fuck out of #edmonton

[11:19] <Xercxes22> i luv to meet people like you on the net, i can tell the people
i arrest ” hey, dont worry man, i know this loser… ”

[11:19] <Xercxes22> ;)

[11:19] <MaddyX> or i’ll set up friend to pick up one of your laptops from you

[11:20] <Xercxes22> see ya buddy

[11:20] <Xercxes22> stay safe

[11:20] <Xercxes22> maddy

[11:20] <Xercxes22> is that a threat?

[11:20] <MaddyX> fuck off

[11:20] <MaddyX> did i make a threat?

[11:20] <Xercxes22> is that a threat of violence?

[11:20] <Xercxes22> yes you did

[11:20] <MaddyX> hahaha fuck you… you don’t know shit about threats and assault

[11:20] <Xercxes22> let me get your ip, ill send that to my buddies at the computer crime division

[11:20] <Xercxes22> you’re in my country..

[11:20] <Xercxes22> same laws

[11:20] <Xercxes22> we can get you

[11:21] <MaddyX> you don’t have a clue

[11:21] <Xercxes22> got your IP man, know that making threat, online or in person is the same

[11:21] <MaddyX> too much television ponch

[11:21] <Xercxes22> sure, sure, think whatever you want, you can tell that to the officier at the local RCMP detachement

[11:21] <Xercxes22> have a good day.

[11:21] <MaddyX> right right officer

[11:22] <MaddyX> stay out of my channel

[11:22] [:. [Xercxes22] No such user