Quotes and Log Files.

The larges stash of quotes available is though the Nymphony bot in the channel going back to 2004. To access the quotes, type “/msg nymphony !quote get” and the the number of the quote you want. I’ll gradually add more and more quotes and log files on to this page as I aquire them.

(01:05:21) <peeflar> the bitch takes my money
(01:05:27) <peeflar> then claims shes a queen
(01:05:51) <peeflar> shes a gold digger
(01:05:56) <peeflar> tryofiling thing
(01:06:01) <peeflar> I’m fucknd drunk
(01:06:04) <peeflar> ‘and I dont care
(01:06:07) <peeflar> goodnight you bitches
(01:06:11) <peeflar> suck my dick
(01:11:41) * X sets mode: +b *!*@*feepa.users.undernet.org
(01:11:41) * peeflar was kicked by X ((MadCatX) spam)

Private MSG

(01:14:55) <peeflar> wtf mang
(01:17:55) <peeflar> you aint got nothing to say
(01:19:06) <peeflar> you know everything I say is the god damn truth and your afraid
the public might see you for who the fuck you really are, some pervert imbred fucked up
little pussy, thats why you ban me
(01:20:06) <peeflar> suck my mother fucken dick you little bitch
(01:20:38) <peeflar> I hope I never see you in day light, cause I’ll call you out
for the stupid little bitch that you are.
(01:20:54) <peeflar> you fucken maggot
(01:21:36) <peeflar> I aint done shit to you, but you hold some sort of fucken
prejuiduce against me, karma, and myself will connnect with you soon.

(@MadCatX) weddings are a great place to lose your virginity (illin) MadCatX would know, he’s going to have one eventully :P @MadCatX throws a scrwdriver at illin…. seriously though, i’m really nervous… what if it hurts?

IRC Spammers are typically bots or drifters with who rarely want to strike up a conversation unless you’re falling for their scam. On the chance that I might get a response, I msged this guy the other day and much to my surprise he was quite chatty. I call this log file… “Are You Threatening Me?

(16:05:34) Icy-napalm i want mindblowingly wild sex
(16:09:04) * OCP (walmart@ocp.users.undernet.org) has joined #edmonton
(16:09:10) OCP I wanna fuck you up the ass with a strapon

If you have a log file or quote that you’d like to see on this page send them to me (MadCatX)