Rules and Guidelines

Channel Rules and Guidelines

  1. Go outside at least once a day. Smoke breaks from oppressive non-smoking parents don’t count.
  2. When chatting it is imperative that you blink at least once every hour.
  3. Don’t Flood.
  4. Swear.
  5. Don’t Flood with Swearing. (See rule #3)
  6. Don’t piss off anyone unless they deserve to be pissed off unless it brings them pleasure. But then again how can you be pissed off and happy at the same time? What was the point of this rule again? Godammnit!
  7. MadCat is not your mother.
  8. MadCat didn’t ban you. Unless of course he did, in which case HAHAHA!
  9. If MadCat didn’t ban you then there’s nothing MadCat can do about you being banned.
  10. Masturbation will make you go blind and give you hairy palms. You can’t chat if you can’t see and you can’t chat if your hairy palms keep getting tangled in the keys.
  11. To the people of Quebec. Nobody cares!
  12. Edmonton is an English Speaking Channel. (Edmonton est une Manche d’expression anglaise.)
  13. If you piss off an Op, they can and will ban you.
  14. Don’t enter the channel gabbing on in some strange language or in caps because nobody understands what the hell you are trying to say and you may be banned also.
  15. Edmonton is not your blogspacepressjournal. Spare us your mindless ranting about nothing that nobody cares about. You’ll just end up on everyone’s ignore list anyway.
  16. If you are idle and your router/modem/computer/whatever disconnects you over and over and over flooding the channel with your join parts for hours on end, you will be temp banned.
  17. On the bright side pay attention to the reason for being banned. Many of us have very creative and sometimes humorous ban messages.:)
  18. The channel is not a employment agency or rental agency. Try the this page.
  19. Unwarranted personal attacks on others in the channel will get you banned.
  20. There are no guidelines as to how long you’ll be banned for so don’t bother asking. Be warned: MadCatX often makes a sport out of enforcing bans on people so don’t even bother with the ip masking. It’ll only make your ban permanent.