The Infamous IRC Laptop Scam

For the past couple of years now, #edmonton and other channels in Canada have been plagued by the random comings of a crook who tries selling nonexistent laptops to people in the channel. Several people have fallen victim to his to good to be true scam and sent several hundreds of dollars to the guy and never recieved a thing. One channel member has even made personal contact with the person before the transaction. He also managed to obtain this picture of the person (right). He goes by any number of IRC nicknames but when contacted in person he used the name Mike which is also more than likely false. He claims to live in any number of cities across Canada and insists on being paid in advance before supposedly shipping out laptops to his unsuspecting victims. Based on several IRC logs files of private chats with the guy, he comes across as very friendly and helpful but at the same time he wants to make the transaction as quickly as possible. This probably isn’t the only piece of slime like this on IRC but this guy is a special project, mainly because he’s Canadian.

He’s approximately 5 foot 4 inches tall and in his early 20s. He’s also fluent and both
english and french. More often than not, it appears the majority of his victims are
residents of Quebec. We call him Alienwre guy because he spams irc channels with promises of extremely cheap Alienware laptops but to dodge anti-spam scripts, he calls them Alienwre Laptops.

The RCMP does have a file on the guy but as expected, little or nothing has been done
to investigate this loser.

Things to Remember When On IRC

  • Users in a channel like #edmonton generally know eachother pretty well outside of IRC. If you aren’t sure about someone, ask around cause someone else is likely to know that
  • Do not buy anything from anyone on IRC based soley on contact via IRC. IRC can be relatively anonymouse, no matter how friendly and forthcoming the person may appear to be. Legitimate people who have something for sale on IRC also tend to be fairly well established in the community and have a reputation to support that.
  • IRC does not have the safeguards for digital transactions that services like ebay, paypal, and amazon have.
  • IRC is about community and reputation and people knowing people. If someone in the community happens to have something to sell then that’s fine.
  • IRC is not about questonable people connecting to offer to good to be true bargains upfront and being friendly and personable until they reel get what they get your money. If some nick in a channel private messages you trying to sell you something or show you a link to some website, let a channel operator know or even simply mention the person in the channel. If nobody in the particular channel appears to care about the spam then the channel probably isn’t worth being in. This is not the case in #edmonton.

On a final note, this isn’t Degrassi and everyone on the internet isn’t a sociopathic money hungry closet serial sex predator obsessed with pornography and ripping people off. It’s like anything else. There’s good people and there’s creeps like mike.


August 9, 2006

Introducing: Son of Alienwre Guy

Just when you thought you might just be finished with Alienware guy, here’s another slimeball with a Montreal ip trying to push laptops.


January 28. 2006

Alienwre Guy Busted At Bohemia Cybercafe

A little background…

princessme0w works afternoons at Bohemia Cybercafe on Jasper Ave. He was conned by the Aleinwre Guy (Mike) a couple years ago for a laptop that never arrived. He’s been keeping a stash of info on the guy ever since and swore that karma would catch up to Mike eventually and it finally did.

Entirely by concindence, Mike decided to use Bohemia as a nesting grounds for few good hours of work on his scams. He wore an eyepatch and was careful to disguise himself but for some reason he didn’t even recognize princessme0w and princessme0w didn’t recognize Mike. Anyway, Mike eventually lands himself in the #edmonton channel offering cheap mp3 players for sale…

princessme0w: ok. he comes into this channel. i ban him. i get banned too.. wtf? i
think about it. i look at his iP and my iP./.. wtf they’re the same! so i look around,
think it’s a regular just fuckin around )stoned)

princessme0w: i got outside and smoke a doobie with devillush, and say how this guy on #10
has been there for 12 hours.. a new record! like wtf… geek!

princessme0w: then i go back in.. and think. then get a glance of the guy! OMFG IT IS THE

princessme0w: i know this coz i met him in person, i seem to be the only one who got
scammed who did. i met him and collected info, and this quebec guy 1.5 years ago helped

princessme0w: so i was like.. that is so him! WHAT DO I DO!?!? i asked for an irc posse
but no one came down

princessme0w: so i finally called the cops and said “this is gonna sound weird

princessme0w: they came down, i explained my story (i was so twitchy)

princessme0w: and then they turned around, looked at the guy. and say “mike?”

princessme0w: the alienwre guys answers.. and then it all goes from there

princessme0w: thge cops sat down and made him open every windows an email he had

princessme0w: they printed tons out

princessme0w: apparently he has a prior conviction for fraud of some sort

princessme0w: he has parole conditions that prohibit email communication!

princessme0w: ;D

princessme0w: he has warrants in ontario i think

princessme0w: the cops hassle dhim, made fun of him, berated him

princessme0w: etc etc etc

princessme0w: eventually they cuffed him

princessme0w: guy had NO money

princessme0w: so they charged hgimn with a DINE AND DASH

princessme0w: as, i hope, a way to hold him while they had a computer person look into tit

princessme0w: they openly admitted it was above their heads ;)

princessme0w: but the bottom line is. he tried to talk his way out, but the cops even
said “that guy is the only suspicious one in here. when we walked in he instantly got

princessme0w: ;)

princessme0w: basically, i didn’t notice the guy coz he was hidden behind a monitor

princessme0w: but it all clicked when i got banned

princessme0w: no way can i ban *!*@28632876234728 and get banned too

princessme0w: unless… hahah

princessme0w: the topography of irc makes sense

princessme0w: just like a k-line

princessme0w: i actually got kicked before him, i assume coz my lag was less ;P

princessme0w: so right now i assume he’s in remand

princessme0w: and hopefully they come get a statemebnt

princessme0w: and i produce all my evidence

princessme0w: and other evidence

princessme0w: and they look into it and bust his ass

princessme0w: he so didn’t expect the cops there :) it was 10000000000000000x better than
if i had beat his ass with a fire extinguisher ;p

And that’s the story of the Alienwre Guy bust so far. We’re waiting for a court date and such. I’ll try and keep the this page updated and the channel posted.