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#edmonton is on the Undernet IRC Network. Install an IRC Client and connect to an undernet server and /join #edmonton.

A Brief Summary of #Edmonton’s Irc History

#edmonton history notes
The #edmonton channel was first opened on the undernet in July or August of 1995 (I think. It was the same year that red’s opened at west ed) by a guy named |CoR|
Original members included: |CoR|, The_Q, SpoonMan^, Catou, MadVmpCat (now MadCatX), Mortiana, Pyesand, Peachy, Lotus, and Dreadlock. The original channel manager (500 Op) has changed hands from |CoR| to SpoonMan^ and most recently to mas.
The first ever IRC meet took place at Red Robin’s in the west-end. Channel “meets” were more common in the past than they are now. Preferred locations for meets included Red’s at West Edmonton Mall, Boston Pizza, and Brewsters Downtown. In time, the whole meet concept got to be a little bit too big for it’s own good. Gatherings got to be 20 to 30 people in size. There was a meet at Red’s where people were talking across the table with cel phones. Not suprisingly, the irc meet trend faded.
Presently, the people in the #edmonton channel know eachother outside of irc. People meet up whenever. There is no obvious advanced avertising. This avoids those insanely huge gatherings of geeks. However, Halloween and Christmas have been traditionally a time for huge parties.
To sum it up, the #edmonton channel on the undernet is alive and well. It’ll likely remain that way for many more years. All that’s left to figure a way to make money out of it.

Update (January 2004)

I almost forgot to mention that I, MaddyX, own the channel now. There’s a bit of a story as to how i retrieved the channel.
Basically, masaka let his goons run channel into hell with intolerance and general assaholism. The regulars were getting fed up. A few of us triggered an exodus from the beloved #edmonton into #edmonton-free for a few months. The abandonment was more of a success than I expected. Time passed; I can’t remember how long exactly.
I peeked back into the #edmonton channel and is was deserted. There was a couple idlers but no X!
After cleaning the white stains out of my shorts, I quickly put out the application for X and with the help of a friend or two in cservice, the channel was mine in just a few days.
So yea, that’s the story.

Irc (Internet Relay Chat)

Created in August of 1988 by Jarkko Oikarinen (homepage). The service was translated from a BBS service called MUT (MultiUser Talk) according to Wikipedia (encyclopedia). History or IRC: A fairly complete explanation of the origin of IRC in Jarkko’s words. Here is also is an interesting interview with Jarkko.

Comprehensive IRC Client List: I’ve never seen such a comprehensive list of IRC clients. Most people with windows just use mIRC.

Edmonton (the city)

Edmonton is located in the middle of Alberta, Canada, just far enough east of the Rockies for them to be out of viewing range. There’s about a million people here. Too many of those people are in the suburbs and have little to do with the real portion of the city. I mean, Edmonton is really the area between 34ave, 137ave, 75st and 149st. The rest doesn’t count. The giant mall (West Edmonton Mall) is awful; don’t go there unless it’s to protest. The river valley is gorgeous. Whyte Ave is pretty cool too. Downtown tries to be cool but I think it tries too hard. It looks pretty from a distance though.

Stuff About Edmonton

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