Zalman ZM-RS6F USB Surround Sound Headphones – Review

I picked these headphones up at Memory Express today on sale for $20 (Regular $80). It was hard to pass up a deal like that. I don’t wear headphones a lot but they’re nice to have once in awhile. These had to be better than the $5 clearance bin pair I was replacing.

The Good

  • The $20 price was right though I don’t know if it’s fair to review based on that because they were on sale. They aren’t worth $80 regular.
  • To my average untrained ear they sound great.
  • The USB is very handy. I don’t have to plug into the back of my PC anymore.
  • I like that they stand up like robot legs with big feet. It’s just cute.

The Bad

  • They aren’t really 5.1 as advertised. The .1 in 5.1 is supposed to be the sub channel which isn’t present in these. It doesn’t really matter that much. I don’t really want a sub to break my poor skull open.
  • They’re a little heavy.
  • They’re a little warm around the ears but that’s ok.
  • They catch my peripheral vision which could be annoying after awhile.

Official Product Page: For Drivers and a Better look.

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