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My Take on Conspiracy Thoerists

I’m sure anyone who has spent any time online has had their share of those angry conspiracy nuts out there. If you try to bring any kind of reality to a topic in their presence, they accuse you of being a sheep who believes everything you’re fed. The whole Bin Ladden killing just dredged them all right back up to the surface again. Whatever they want to believe is fine. I realize most conspiracy theories are the result of simple human pattern recognition that is sometimes difficult to ignore.

What got to me wondering is what makes these people tick. I keeping finding myself dwelling on the theory of empowerment.

You see, the world is a big place with some major freaking events happening from time to time. Take terrorists attacks on Sept 11, 2001 for example. It really did knock the western world on it’s head yet the actual event only involved a few thousand people. Even then, only a few dozen people had any real control over what happened and the consequences resulting. This leaves the millions watching and helplessly tagging along for the ride. People start to feel really insignificant which is tough when events have such a profound impact on their lives.

It’s hard to comprehend how much is going on in the world and how insignificant an individual is in relation to it. The powerlessness of it all can be horrifying even. This is where the conspiracy theorist comes in. Applying fairly complex pattern analysis with a bit of imagination and the help of the Internet of course, it’s pretty easy to piece together a conspiracy theory to come to terms with current events. Suddenly, the formerly insignificant nobody has inside knowledge of what’s really happening in the world. This perceived inside knowledge lends itself to a huge feeling of empowerment over the masses who still just “believe what they’re told to believe”.

In short, the conspiracy theory is just another tool in getting your head around world events. In my opinion, it’s a pretty unhealthy tool at that. In focusing on a single theory believed to wholeheartedly to be the truth, one becomes ignorant and more insignificant than ever. The world just keeps on turning without them.

With Regards To Facebook and Privacy

I leave all that privacy panic to the caveat-emptor rather than the narcissistic belief that Facebook is going to take your status updates and compile them into the Great American Novel destined to sell millions of copies with not a penny to your own pocket for it
I don’t believe I’ve ever written anything on Facebook that I wouldn’t scribble on a bathroom wall given the opportunity.
Even writings on the bathroom wall are property of the owner of the bathroom.

Playground Horror and Friends

Contrary to my post on Playground Love, this little entry shows some of the scariest images to ever be taken in a Playground.
I give you Nightmare Playgrounds

Free Tibet II

My other Free Tibet design is selling ok so I thought I’d make another. If there’s one event from the 80s that I remember well it was the massacre at Tienamin Square in the summer of 1989.
Beijing 1989 tshirt

Free Tibet

The recent insanity in China inspired me to put this little piece together.
<a href=”″ title=”Free Tibet by madcatxyeg, on Flickr”><img src=”” alt=”Free Tibet” height=”500″ width=”500″ /></a>

What’s a Mac?

If a server is a sever, a mainframe is a mainframe, a PC is a personal computer, what’s a mac supposed to be?

I recall back in computer class in the 80s, a Mac was a Macintosh Personal Computer. This has bothered me ever since Apple started pushing ads with the whole Mac vs PC campaign.

Are Apple’s new target market supposed to be idiots or is Apple unhappy with the fact that personal computer makes people think they own their computer as opposed to Apple owning their customers?

Notice the old cover of Macworld identifies Macintosh as “Apple’s Remarkable New Personal Computer”.

I guess nobody really knows what Goofy is either.

Here’s to you Mac, whatever you are.

Random Creepy Quote

“There is no doubt in my mind when history was written, the final page will say: Victory was achieved by the United States of America for the good of the world.” -George W. Bush, addressing U.S. troops at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait, Jan. 12, 2008

Isn’t the final page at the end of the book? Is history’s final page the end of the world?

There is no doubt in my mind that the United States will still be claiming victory even when theres is nothing left to be victorious about.

- from 42 Reasons We Will Always Hate President George W Bush”